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Home » TNTell Shoots the GSG Firefly

TNTell Shoots the GSG Firefly

TNTell Shoots GSG Firefly

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TNTell the YouTuber (aka Willliam) shoots his favorite pistol, the GSG Firefly formally known as the Sig Mosquito.

He was supposed to research and then explain about the particulars of the pistol, but he got excited and just shot it. At least he remembered his three step draw.

We messed up on our research when WT said the GSG got the license form Sig.  Apparantly they built the gun for Sig Saur and labeled it the mosquito, but for some reason Sig dumped it and GSG rebranded it the Firefly.

William and I think it is a neat little gun. Him more than me.  I think its a cardinal sin for a gun to be prone to jams.  He thinks its neat because its “his” and because its about 85% smaller than a “real” P226.

Its decently accurate for a $200 gun. It fields strips easy enough for a 9 year old to take care of cleaning, but that darn jamming issue is a killer.

It did shoot better when Tell had a proper stance and the gun did not move as much in his hand.  I have also heard that a different recoil spring could help.  I’m not sure.

Personally, I just wish the boy liked either revolvers or glocks.

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