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TNTell’s Homemade Airsoft Target

TNTell's Homemade Airsoft Target

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My son has been working toward showing he is responsible enough to earn an airsoft gun, so in this video he makes a homemade airsoft target for his new tool out of a cardboard box, old grocery sacks, and some duct tape.

My boy is not new to guns, as soon as the ultrasound showed gender I bought him his first gun, I only waited to see if I should get a wood one or a pink one.  He owned a red ryder BB gun about 14 years younger than I got my first BB gun (I was 15).

But this is the first gun (besides Nerf) that I let him have ammunition for.

He had to show he was responsible, and I was able to get him to do quite a bit of chores but in the end, he earned it.

And if he was going to have something that shoots he needed a safe place to shoot it.

This is a very simple target that works well with Airsoft.  As long as you don’t get too close to the target the 6mm airsoft rounds easily penetrate the cardboard but are slowed by the wadded up plastic bags so the rounds don’t exit the box.


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