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Total Resistance

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No matter is you are a history buff, a prepper, or a patriot, this is a book worth having in your library. Total Resistance is very interesting, as well as unique book.

It is a government document designed to be given out to the general populace and it describes in detail the best way to conduct guerrilla warfare.

Their is a reason the Swiss have never been invaded, and its not because they are neutral – if I was a bully, and wanted a kids lunch money, just because he said he did not care I stole from the other kids would not stop me from stealing from him also… However, if the neutral kid was packing a .45 acp in his lunch box, I may decide to leave him alone.

The Swiss have decided that in the event of an invasion, the best way to survive is to fight, and this book tells how. While some of this is outdated – I mean, how many ways does a modern man need to know to successfully attack a passenger train station? but it is all adaptable, and the mindset ideas are priceless.

This is a small book, simply written, but it holds some very well thought out ideas. It is worth a look.

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