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Installing a USB Wall Outlet

USB Wall Outlet

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With all the micro USB items that need charging at my house, my wife and I are always fighting over power cords.  To solve this problem I found a neat outlet that contains two 115v outlets with 2 USB outlets.

It installed easily and looks great.  More importantly, the outlet is behind my chair so I have dibs on the cords….

Seriously though, this is a great USB wall outlet and when I get around to building our house and a workshop, I will install many of these for the convenience.

This USB Wall Outlet was easy to install, but I needed to buy a new outlet cover.

Now that it is installed, I want to buy more, as this makes things a lot easier.  I put this one by the sofa so I can charge my phones in the evening and still have them available.

I need one in the bedroom, and another by the computer.  Additionally I think I need a couple in the conex box at the land.

These devices are not expensive, the one shown in the picture costs about $16.00.  They are easy to install by any DIY’er.  Best of all it impressed my wife as she thought it was amazing.


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