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What is Some Advice For Night Camping as A Solo Hiker?

Solo hiking is quite different when you compare it with group hiking. You are going to spend the whole night alone, face the fear and cook your own food etc. In the case of bad weather like snow and rain, you need to deal with the condition by yourself.

But at the same time, solo hiking is fun as you don’t have anyone around yourself who set rules. You can set your own rules and acquaint yourself to make your whole hiking experience memorable and fun.

Like group hiking and camping, you need to plan everything in advance. As a group hiking or camping, you need to be more careful when planning your journey to enjoy the solo hiking, especially; you need to think about the night camping scene which could be difficult if everything is not planned well.

If you are planning for the solo hiking, then you need to read this article till the end. Following I am sharing some advice for night camping as a solo hiker and what type of important things you should care about etc.

Know The Size Of The Camp:

You don’t need to take a big size camp along with you. When you are hiking alone, a single person camp is enough to low your luggage and travel easily around. Make sure that your camp should be weather friendly. If it is going to rain there, your camp should be rain and waterproof so you can enjoy the full night sleep.

Light, Light, And Light:

A night alone can be scary and a bit creepy. You probably don’t want to get scared in mid of forest or at the top of the mountain. To keep it safe, do have plenty of light options along with yourself. Do not just rely on torch but also learn how to firewood.

Keep A First Aid Kit:

When you are alone, you need to be your doctor. Injuries are very common is hiking. So, you must need to bring your first aid kit. It should not be just basic aid kit but a full wilderness first aid kit so you can get rid of pain instantly and take care of yourself in a better way.

Make A Checklist:

Ask help from the other solo hiker and ask for the essential gears you must have for night camping as a solo hiker? Once you have a list, write it down and create a checklist with all the important items. Include everything in the list from the camp to the soap, fuel can and food etc.

Keep it Simple:

Weight matters a lot when you are hiking alone. You need to carry all the weight on your own. So keep everything simple and try to remove those gears which are not necessary and you can go without them without facing any issue.

Other than above, keep all the gadget along with yourself which include the camera, mobile, books to read and coffee cup to enjoy the view and feel yourself in nature.

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