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What To Know Before Starting Your First Greenhouse

What To Know Before Starting Your First Greenhouse

The natural world is nothing short of beautiful and nourishing for the soul, so it’s no wonder that many people are so enthusiastic about cultivating their own plants. Building or investing in a greenhouse is a huge and exciting step for anyone with a green thumb, but you should first arm yourself with a solid foundation of knowledge. Explore a few key things to know before starting your first greenhouse so that you can focus on the more delicate aspects of garden maintenance later.

Choosing a Greenhouse

There are more greenhouse designs and styles than you might think. For example, you’ll need to decide if you want to attach a greenhouse to your home or opt for a freestanding version on your property. Freestanding greenhouses have the advantage of being bigger and more flexible in their shape and style. Attached greenhouses are smaller, but they’re often more convenient for hobbyists and make a wonderful addition to your home.

Take your time when considering your options, as there are all sorts of styles, materials, and designs for you to consider.

Start With Easy-To-Grow Seeds

If you’re new to growing plants, consider starting with easy-to-grow seeds rather than buying seedlings or cuttings. Starting fresh with new seeds prevents many problems from the get-go. Unfortunately, moving existing plants between containers or gardens can lead to issues in their development or bring diseases and pests to your greenhouse. Choosing to start with easy-to-grow plants will also help you learn the ropes of managing a greenhouse while allowing for errors—look for plant species that are more forgiving.

Dealing With Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases can be a huge problem for greenhouses if you fail to prepare for them. As mentioned, using seedlings or cuttings from separate locations can introduce pests and diseases into a greenhouse. These pests will quickly infest the rest of your greenhouse. Before starting your first greenhouse, you should learn how to prevent insects and diseases from getting in and how to protect your plants should pests and diseases that do occur.

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