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What To Look for When Buying a Tactical Watch

What To Look for When Buying a Tactical Watch

The word tactical is thrown around quite often these days and typically precedes a plethora of outdoor equipment, gadgets, tools, and related products. One group of products—tactical watches—are incredibly popular amongst hikers, hunters, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. But what exactly makes these timepieces tactical? Learn what to look for when buying a tactical watch to ensure you make a practical and beneficial investment.


The most reliable tactical watches always feature a highly durable, rugged design to withstand extreme outdoor elements. Often, these products are supremely scratch-, shock-, and moisture-resistant. However, top-of-the-line watches also boast solar power capabilities and magnet resistance for additional device protection. Furthermore, ensure you find a product with a legible watch face for superior convenience when hunting or hiking. Automatic watches are arguably the most reliable for outdoor applications, but you can find dependable quartz products with tactical features.


Surprisingly, stealth is a major aspect of a quality tactical watch! Originally designed for military use in the early 19th century, tactical watches often feature a subtle, sleek design with a matte or black PVD-coated finish for minimal light reflection. Many manufacturers today continue to produce stealthy watch designs. It’s highly recommended that hunters invest in a stealthy tactical watch to avoid scaring away game from far distances. Additionally, consider purchasing a small, subtle, and comfortable product to ensure better convenience overall.

Quality Timepiece Features

Aside from reliability and stealth, there are a number of features that every reliable timepiece should have, including a countdown, timer, and alarm system. Furthermore, calendar, date, and time zone trackers are extremely helpful when hunting on vacation in unfamiliar environments. There are also many advanced timepiece features worth considering when purchasing a new watch, from built-in altimeters and thermometers to weather sensors and accurate navigation systems. Some tactical watches even include systems for monitoring moon cycles! Ultimately, a tactical watch with most or all of these features is certainly a worthy investment for hiking and hunting enthusiasts.

A quality timepiece is more than a convenient method for telling the time—it’s a must-have hiking accessory that also provides significant benefits for hunting enthusiasts. Understanding what to look for when buying a tactical watch ensures you make the very best investment for your needs!

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