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5 Self-Defense Moves that Anyone Can Learn

5 Self-Defense Moves that Anyone Can Learn
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Though we do believe that proper martial arts training is the best way to learn an arsenal of effective self-defense moves, there are some basic moves that you can easily learn without having to spend years of training.

On this post, the team at is sharing 5 self-defense moves that anyone can learn and use to defend themselves during a violent physical attack.

Please note that we highly recommend for you to seek the assistance of an experienced martial artist and/or a professional to demonstrate how you can safely and properly execute these self-defense moves to avoid unwanted harm or injury to yourself or others.

The Wrist Lock

BJJ No Gi Wrist Lock Variations Tutorial. Video credit: Stuart Tomlinson YouTube channel

This straight-forward yet effective technique comes from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and it is a move that anyone regardless of size, age or fitness ability can do. The wrist lock variations comes in handy when an attacker gets hold on your wrist. To execute the simplest form of this move, rather than pulling back, you will need to squat down. Once in this stance, proceed by leaning forward and bending your elbow towards the attacker’s forearm until you free yourself of his grip.

The Eye Gouge

Image credit:

 The thought of gouging someone’s eyes is enough to make most people shudder. However, it is definitely an effective method to free yourself when an attacker gets a hold of you.

There are different ways to execute an eye gouge, however, the simplest way is to aim both of your index and middle fingers towards the attacker’s eyes and poke them hard. You can also opt to use your thumbs for maximum impact.

With the thumb eye gouge, you would need to place your hands on the side of the attacker’s face and press your thumbs as hard as you can into the eyes.

The Stomp Kick

How to Do a Toe Stomp. Video credit: Howcast YouTube channel

Our legs are generally stronger than our arms so kicks may be one of the best ways to easily get away from an attacker. A toe stomp kick is a move that is easiest and most effective to do so.

Start by bringing your knee up and drive your heel down as hard towards your attacker’s instep as fast and as hard as you can. If you kick hard enough, you may just break some bones and severely injure his foot enabling you not only to escape from him but also prevents him from running after you. Ladies, this technique is particularly useful when you are using stilletos or high heels as the heels of your shoe can act as a ‘weapon’ and likely to help in severely injuring the assailant.

 The Palm Strike

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Instead of the usual punch done with a clenched fist, this technique uses the ‘meaty’ portion of the bottom of your hand – located by your wrist.

This move will do enough harm and confuse your attacker, giving you enough time to flee from him. Plus, hitting with the heel of your palm is less painful (for you) than throwing a punch!

Though the palm strike is particularly effective when aimed straight up towards the attacker’s neck, it can be as effective when used to target the opponent’s head or shoulder.

The Groin Kick

Groin Kick Techniques for Krav Maga. Video credit: Expert Village YouTube Channel

This move is one that is taken out from Krav Maga’s playbook. Also known as the “Art of Staying Alive”, Krav Maga moves are designed with effectiveness and efficiency in mind.

The groin kick, however ‘crass’ it may seem, gets the job done quickly. To carry it out properly, you would need to aim for and kick your attacker’s groin as fast and as hard as you can.

Start by facing your attacker with the leg you’ll be kicking with behind you. Then, proceed to kick out and upwards between the attackers legs with your shin for maximum impact.

I hope these Self-Defense Moves that Anyone Can Learn help you stay safe.

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By: Lystia Putranto

Lystia is a contributing writer for, the world’s leading martial arts theme travel website. She’s fascinated by all types of martial arts and can’t get enough of martial arts moves both on screen & off.

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