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Ayoob Close Range Action Plan


Ayoob Close Range Action Plan

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According to Wikipedia Massad Ayoob is an internationally known firearms and self-defense instructor. He has taught police techniques and civilian self-defense to both law enforcement officers and private citizens since 1974.

He was the director of the Lethal Force Institute (LFI) in Concord, New Hampshire from 1981 to 2009.  Ayoob now directs the Massad Ayoob Group (MAG).

More than that bio Mr. Ayoob writes some of the best firearm books on the subject of the legal aftermath of a self defense shooting.  I widely quote his work in my classes,  and recommend his books courses and videos to my students.

Shooting on the range against static targets is pretty easy – but we do it to gain skills that will help us survive when the targets shoot back and we have life on the line rather than bragging rights.

Having a close range action plan is pretty important because it helps deal with everything going on when everything going on is rapidly changing, confusing, complex, and life altering.  Just know that what Tyson said about plans is true “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”

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