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Building the Low Impact Roundhouse


Building a Low Impact Roundhouse

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I really want to build a reciprocal roof pavilion at the land.  I think that it will give me lots of usable space, shade, and a great place to give classes and hang out.

My problem is that information on building a roof like this is hard to find on the internet.

I get that some experts say this is a bad roof for beginners to make because of all the angles, but I also see why it is a good roof for a lay person to build.
Either way, the most information online comes from the author of this book, so I bought it hoping to get a good offline way to share the particulars of what I am trying to do.

Building the Low Impact Roundhouse is a pretty cool book, it is not a how too guide, but rather a story of how they build their home.  You can get how to information from it, and it is enough for a thinker to use as a blueprint.

I didn’t find the story about zoning officials useful, mostly because British law is much different than the American system, but also because I just didn’t care.  The lifestyle potion of the book also did not light my fire, but I loved the pictures and the house.

I want to build just the frame and the roof and leave it open – except maybe close in every other segment of posts using a variety of alternative building methods, say in a 10 segment frame, make one filled with cob, another with earthbag, cordwood, bottles in mud, all are options to try out small walls without getting tied into building an entire roundhouse using an unfamiliar method.

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