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Canning Funnel Review


Kitchen DIY: Canning Funnel

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I just wanted to share my favorite design for a canning funnel.  For those that don’t know, a canning funnel sits in or on the lip of mason jars to funnel whatever you are trying to preserve into the jar without getting crud all over the lip.

This is important because if you have any remnants of food on the jar lid it can prevent the jar from achieving a seal.

I have owned many kinds of canning funnels in my attempts at learning how to do things, but the type pictured is my favorite.  It has an outer cover as well as an inner funnel so it sits in and on the jar so it is sturdy.

It also has measurements on the outside which help you determine headspace.

All in all, I think this is the best type of canning funnel you can get.


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