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Clint Smith on Defensive Firearms



Clint Smith on Defensive Firearms

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Clint Smith is an expert on the use of Defensive Firearms.  He is a Marine Corps Infantry vet, SWAT officer, and has been running Thunder Ranch since 1993.

Since I Graduated high school in 1993 I readily admit that he has probably forgot more about defensive firearms use than I know.  And that’s okay with me as I haven’t stopped learning yet.  This video is a great tool use to learn some great concepts and proper mindset on the proper use of a defensive firearm.

I like his style, this thought process, and how he teaches.  When I teach firearms classes, there are several techniques and lessons that I share that I gleaned from Mr. Smith.

I have searched YouTube for good training videos to share, and I have found several clips of Thunder Ranch training videos.  Think of them as advertisements for their full length training videos.  (I don’t gain anything from this, but I do think there videos are a valuable and worthwhile purchase.)

Clint Smith is entertaining, but his content is unparalleled.  I love watching him and have used many of his videos to influence my training style.  Its good to be entertained as you are educated.

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