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Clint Smith Tactical Load



Clint Smith Tactical Load

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Clint Smith is an expert on the use of Defensive Firearms.  He is a Marine Corps Infantry vet, SWAT officer, and has been running Thunder Ranch since 1993.

I like his style, this thought process, and how he teaches.  When I teach firearms classes, there are several techniques and lessons that I share that I gleaned from Mr. Smith.

I have searched YouTube for good training videos to share, and I have found several clips of Thunder Ranch training videos.  Think of them as advertisements for their full length training videos.  (I don’t gain anything from this, but I do think there videos are a valuable and worthwhile purchase.)

This particular video discusses the often misunderstood “Tactical Load”.  I enjoyed watching it, and I learned some new ways to share information with others.  It is worth the time to watch.

I love watching Clint Smith and I believe that you can also learn from the information provided by him.  I try to emulate his style when appropriate, and over the years, the information I have learned from him has definitely improved my skills as a shooter and a instructor.

There is alot of shooting information on the internet, and you normally get what you pay for.  Clint Smith produces some valuable content.

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