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Water Line Installation


Homesteading: Water Line Installation

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Today we are going to test and discuss my water line installation.  I rented a trencher to put in a new water line and while I was at work my buddy installed a water hydrant like the one pictured here.

He also put in an underground connection for the tiny house.  Additionally Smitty put in a stub so that later we can branch off and run water to a future goat barn.

To ensure we have no leaks before we fill the hole back in Smitty put in a temporary stand pipe and attached an air gauge.

We attached an air line and pressurized the system to 80 psi for about 4 hours.  If the pressure stays in the system there are no leaks.

If the pressure drops then you know you have a leak.

To find the leak add three drops of dish soap into a bottle of water.  Simply spray the water around the couplings and air the system back up.  Leaks will blow bubbles with the solution.

You can then fix your water line installation problem.

We also put the water line to the tiny house in a bucket buried in the ground and added a shutoff.  This is useful because if the plumbing in the house needed to be worked on, you can shut it off from the outside so that you don’t have water leaking all in the building.

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