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How to Cut Pasta the Easy Way


Kitchen DIY: Easy Way to Cut Pasta

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When making homemade pasta you have several options in forming your noodles, but while there are many ways of doing it, I want you to know the easy way to cut pasta.

  • You can extrude it (like my play dough experiment for next week )
  • Run it through a dedicated pasta machineCut individual noodles
  • or as this article demonstrates an Easy Way to Cut Pasta, you can roll the dough and cut noodles very efficiently and quickly.Once you get your dough as thin as you desire, simply roll it into a tube, and using a sharp knife, slice it as thin as you want.

After cutting the dough spirals, simply unroll each spiral into a long noodle, and either dry or cook immediately.

This is a very simple way of cutting pasta noodles, and I hope it makes your life easier.

This used to be something I thought was the realm of the super skilled Italian mother – but after trying it I found that homemade pasta is extremely simple to make, as well as being pretty inexpensive.

Once I found an easy way to cut pasta I was all set to make it all of the time – but then I discovered gnocchi and then all my pasta making stopped.


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