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How to Tie a Clove Hitch

How to Tie a Clove Hitch
Knots: Clove Hitch

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There are a couple knots that everyone needs to know.  The  Clove Hitch is one such knot.

A clove hitch is used to tie a rope to a cylindrical object (like a fence post or tree).  However, it is unreliable when tied on a square post.

What makes it useful is that if you feed the rope in from either end the knot will loosen.  This makes it adjustable.

Basically it is just two half-hitches tied in a row

This knot is used a lot in lashing.  I have actually thought about doing some how to lash articles.  However, besides doing a tripod lashing article, I just haven’t gotten around to it in the manner I desire.

With this in mind, as the boy gets older I can video teaching him how to do it.  That would work, as many of these videos are really for him anyway.


Tying a Clove Hitch

  • To tie a clove hitch at the end of a rope, pass the end around the pole starting at the right, with the end coming around below.
  • Next, put the end around in the same direction to cross over the standing end to be above the first loop.
  • Then, as the end comes around, put it under itself to be over the standing end.
  • Check that both ends are in the middle, emerging in opposite directions.
  • Finally, pull to tighten.

When pulled tighter, the rope passing over itself binds it in place.


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