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New Fence as a Thief Deterrent

New Fence as a Thief Deterrent

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After having a lot of small stuff stolen from the land, the thieves graduated to taking something of real value.My dad’s commercial grade backpack blower came up missing when he left the land for the day.

Hopefully the new gate will make it harder.

Now they have to either come from the neighbor’s place or through the woods. – I am working on things to prevent those types of threats also.

Besides my new fence working as a Thief Deterrent, I also have a wireless camera on the way to help with catching them.

Also, I soon hope to have my perimeter fence started, we found all the corners, and I have most of the posts.  I still need to clear the brush along the perimeter and get some more gates so that I can access areas when I need them.

Right now, everything of value is locked in the shipping containers, but there are some larger items like the sawmill that are chained up.  I don’t feel comfortable with chains as any one low enough to steal would have no problem cutting a chain.  I want to set the sawmill trailer back up permanently and take the wheels off.

However, I hope a gate and a camera will do a lot to tell the neighborhood crackheads that there are easier sources of pill money than my place.  However, that may be wishful thinking as getting caught is not even a good thief deterrent when the scum is a druggie.


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