Book Review: On Combat
Book Review: On Combat

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This is a quality book filled with several concepts that any armed citizen need to fully understand. If you carry a gun, you need to read On Combat.

Col Grossman is one of the few modern warriors that has done any substantial research into the mental aspects of the use of force. He discusses what PTSD is, some information on how to deal with it, the flight or flight response, survival breathing techniques to reduce stress during lethal encounters, and much much more…

When I began learning how to shoot defensively this book was one I read over and over.  When I graduated into teaching people how to shoot defensively I dogeared On Combat even more.  I am on my second copy.

While some of the concepts in the book have come under scrutiny lately.  I still find them to be a good common sense description of what takes place in the body and mind when under life or death stress.

Despite the title, On Combat is not just for Soldiers and Marines.  It is a resource for anyone that carries a gun defensively.  I think it is most notably useful for armed citizens.  He has other books I will review on here, like On Killing, and Stop Teaching our Kids to Kill, but I think this is his best work.

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