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PRN Episode #2 Gun Safety

PRN Episode #2 Gun Safety

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Here is the link for Monday the 28 of January’s show.

In tonight’s show we are going to discuss gun safety – since this show is going to deal with firearms I think it is important for everyone (not just the rational) to realize that a gun is not going to jump up an shoot something on its own.

Proper precautions prevent a lot of things – and when it comes to guns – following some simple firearm safety rules prevent tragedy.

Gun safety knowledge is essential to preppers – as well as to anyone that owns or is around firearms of all types.  It is not hard to be safe around firearms, but it does take the willingness to take responsibility for your own actions and pay attention to what is going on around you.

If you forget the link the show is easy to find – simply visit blogtalkradio.com and use the search bar to look up the Shepherd Show.  We are in the family section – because our show is family friendly.

Unlike my site which occasionally allows me to discuss religion and politics – you won’t here any of those topics on the podcast.  Today it is strictly gun safety

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