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How to Retread a Lawnmower Tire


DIY: Retreading Lawnmower a Tire
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I saw this on a youtube video a few years ago and kept it in mind for the day I needed it.

Basically both the originator of this idea and I both used an old bike tire to cheaply retread a lawnmower tire.

This takes a little work, but it is much cheaper than buying new tires.

I simply measured around the circumference of my lawnmower drive wheels and cut the tire into a strip long enough to wrap around the tire.

Next, I cleaned the tire really well and glued the bike tire to the plastic lawnmower tire.

I additionally used self driving sheet metal screws to both hold the bicycle tire to the lawnmower wheel, but also to create “spikes”

Once the glue tried I tried it out, and my retreaded tires really made a difference in how my third hand lawnmower worked.

This Saved Me Money on a “Garbage” Mower

A co-worker thought he was taking advantage of me by selling me this lawnmower for $20.

However, a simple carb cleaning, blade sharpening, and tire retreading made this lawnmower work like a champ.  The so called “garbage” mower worked well for me for 2 years.

Once again, a little ingenuity  and the willingness to try new things has made my life a little easier.  Especially when my yard is very hilly and slick.

This may not be a go to trick for retreading a lawnmower tire, but it was cheap and worked well.

I am sure I will do this again.  This is the kind of money saving DIY project that I love to share on my site.

However, I kinda also want to get a reel mower.  I like how they are quiet, even if they may take a little more work.


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