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Safety Tips To Follow When Handling Metal

Safety Tips To Follow When Handling Metal

It is quite likely that you work with metal on a daily basis. In fact, there are countless industries that require metal working, from aerospace, medical, and automotive. Metalworking is vastly different from a slightly similar task such as woodworking.

The biggest thing that leads to the likelihood of injury is comfortability. Often, people that work with metal may disregard safety protocols. To counteract this, we must stay aware. Here are some useful safety tips you should follow when handling metal.

Wear Goggles

It is very often that you will see people who work in any shop disregard the usage of wearing goggles. However, this is a time when you should do as you are told, not as you see. You might think it is odd or unnecessary, but metalworking industries have the highest rates of eye injuries. It’s vital to wear your safety goggles.

No Loose Fit

One of the easiest safety tips to follow when you are going to handle metal is wearing protective clothes. Steer away from donning any garb that has a loose fit; this is because a lot of the machines used for metalworking can easily grab a dangling piece of cloth. Make sure to opt for tight-fitting, protective gear.

Use Gloves

Sometimes, when you are handling metal, the material will have sharp edges and burrs that you must remove. That is why it is crucial for you to use heavy-duty safety gloves when grabbing any metal, especially when it has any sharp edges. It would be best to remember that metal is an extremely hard metal that can easily cut and injure your fingers. You might think you are fine to grab at it, but anything can happen when metalworking.


A huge danger of metalworking is sheet metal dust. Many don’t realize that they must also protect their lungs from inhaling the dust from sheet metal. Failure to protect one’s lungs can increase the risk of respiratory illnesses. As such, it is an incredibly good idea to wear a dust mask or respirator that protects your lungs from breathing in tiny bits of metal.

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