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How to Save Money on Gas for Your Car

save money on gas

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With the price of gas on the rise it is important to take measure to save money on gas for your car by cutting down the amount of fuel that you are using. There are some tips on how to save money for gas for your car.

Drive Less

Instead of running errands several times a week combine them into one trip. Instead of driving from store to store walk whenever possible. All look for stores that carry a variety of items so you will not have to travel to so many different places. The less you drive the less gas you will need to put into your car, t his will obviously help save money on gas.

Shorten the Warm Up Time

During the winter months many people think that they need to let their car warm up for several minutes before driving off. You only need to warm your car up for 30 seconds to one minute before driving. If you leave the car idling for more than a minute you are wasting gas. Not only that you are putting greenhouse gasses into the air. Many modern cars do not need a long period of time to be ready to go even during cold mornings. One minute is all you need. This will save you both time and gas.

Use Cash to Pay

Many gas stations charge an additional fee to customers that pay with credit cards. This fee is due to the processing fees from the credit card companies. When paying with cash or a debt card the cost of gas is often a couple of cents less. This can add up to savings over the year.

Find the Right Station

When getting gas the location of the station can play a role in the price. Often stations that are right off the highway charge more money for gas than those that are in town. To find the gas station with the lowest price be sure to check an app. There are several apps that will show the prices for gas from various stations around town. When passing by that gas station get the gas while it is cheap. If you belong to a club store be sure to get gas while shopping there as the price is often less than even the cheapest gas station.

Time Your Purchases

The time of the day that you purchase gas can affect the price that you pay. You should either purchase gas early in the morning or later in the way. Due to the cooler temperature the gas will be denser and you will get more gas for your dollar. If the price is gas is going to gas up it usually happens in the afternoon. Getting gas early can help you save several cents per gas.

Slow Down

The faster you drive the more gas your car is going to use. The drag is increased on your car and in order to provide the power that is needs the more gas your car will use. Driving at the speed limit or below it will allow your car to use more gas efficiently. Also be careful not to accelerate too quickly. The faster you accelerate the more gas your car will use.

Watch Your Braking

The more you brake the more gas your car is going to use. Frequent braking will also wear down your brake pads faster. In order to brake less you maintain a safe distance from other cars. This way if they slow down you will not have to hit the brakes. You can also begin to brake earlier and slowly. This will help you save money on gas.

Keep an Eye on the Tires

Make sure that the tires are inflated properly at all times. Be sure that the tires are properly inflated as this will help you get better gas mileage. When there is a change in temperature the tires can lose two to three pounds for every square inch. If you decide to use snow tires in the winter months once spring comes around replace them. While snow tires will help create extra friction and grip to the road they will use more gas.

Close the Windows

During the warmer months many people like to open their windows to feel the cool breeze. While this may feel nice it is wasting a lot of gas. Wind can cause the car to drag and will require more gas to get it moving. Close the windows when possible.

Remove Extras

It is not unusual to see cars with racks and carriers on the top and the back. While these are useful for those on the go and can carry bikes and skies they can also use additional gas. When these items are not being used to carry things take them off. Also do not use the car to store items or keep unneeded things in them. The heavier the car is the more gas it will use to keep going. Be sure to unpack the car and is something is not being use get rid of it.


These are some tips on how to help you save money on gas. You need gas for your car to run but these simple tips can help you save money and get more gas and mileage for your dollars.


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