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Stressfire, Volume 1

Book Review: Stressfire, Volume 1

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Lets face it, practicing basic fundamentals is not sexy, it is necessary, but not every shooter will spend money on a school that teaches repetition of basic shooting skills.

Because of this, many firearm instructors will create new techniques so they can fill up classes. In my other site I have repeatedly said that I don’t believe in adding things to your gun without being able to articulate a need.

I feel the same way about training. Progress for the sake of progress complicates the situation, gives you too much to master without enough benefit.

Stressfire┬áis not one of those books. Ayoob tells you the problems his techniques are designed to solve, and step by step explains how they do so. Synthesizing solutions to problems, based upon the entire body of knowledge of a field is the mark of an expert. Ayoob is such an expert. While I have not incorporated every aspect of stressfire into my normal shooting skill-set, I do think each technique has it’s place in the tool box.

By reading this book, you will gain a deeper understanding of your shooting technique by comparing yours to the skills Ayoob describes.

I have a great respect for Ayoob’s work, and along with reviewing many of his books, I also have links to several of his YouTube videos as well.

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