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Book Review: Survival Mom

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I am a follower of Lisa Bedford’s blog, and was very excited to hear she had come out with a book.

This excitement was well founded because Survival Mom is a great book. As I mentioned in the video, I got this book for my lovely wife, who is very understanding, but who does not truly understand what prepping is, or why I spend so much time and energy doing it.

This book connects the dots between good parenting and prepping. It is accessible, entertaining, knowledgeable, and shows that preppers are not some paranoid group of gun nuts stroking their guns and waiting for the Apocalypse. Lisa is a normal, well adjusted lady that represents the VAST majority of preppers.

The very first item in the book is a quiz, and upon taking it my wife commented that it is time she learned a little more about what I do. That, it itself, is the strongest reason to buy this book.

If you are new to prepping, this is a great book to have, but if you are an old hand at it, you still can learn from this book. However, the real reason to buy this is to give it away to those loved ones that don’t really “get it”. Because this book is written in such a way to illuminate the need for basic disaster preparedness without intimidating the reader.

This is a great book, and Lisa has a great blog. If you are not already a reader of it, you should check it out.

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