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Outdoor Survival Skills

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Many people might want to know what exact situation dictates or demands outdoor survival skills. Well, to my opinion, I think that first and foremost the way to approach death is asking what the definition of emergency is. Knowing that an emergency is an unplanned event that requires immediate action. However, it will be safe to say that an outdoor survival situation will come under the heading of an event that is unplanned that calls for an immediate action and skills.

Also, the preparation beforehand with training and gear are the things that will make the situation turn out for better or for the worst to the participants.  I think we live in a society that is so busy and we have all being there. You have weekend plans with your family, friends and loved ones to go hiking or camping. Life it’s been busy, and something comes up- its Friday night, and you are going to leave the next day morning for outdoors, and then you try to rush up and get your stuff and get going. Always remember that the woods and mountains do not move and they will always be there whenever you wish to visit. Do not go out there unprepared. Going to such places as wilderness, there is a risk, and the only safe guard against it is proper prior preparation which can prevent poor performance.

One thing that anyone who is going outdoors: in the woods or under the water and so on should know is that he or she is going out in the Wild’s world. The person is meant to see and encounter things that are uncommon: wild animals, other dangerous insects, and plants that he or she do not see out in the cities or at home. So, the person always has to know that and treat it with a little beat of respect.

Follow the rules below if you are planning for an outdoor tour for the first time and uncertain of what the situation out there might be.

  1. Do not go unprepared. Try to never go unprepared visiting the outdoors. Do your due diligence before venturing the wild. Presently, we live in a world of technologies, and we can equip ourselves with the necessary technology. For example Google earth and TerraServer. So before going backpacking, mountain climbing, bicycling, fishing, hunting, deep diving, hiking, camping, and any other place you wish to go, you can get online and get the area view of the particular field you want to visit.
  2. Do not rely on someone else. Imagine if you are going on a trip with someone that is more experienced in the field or someone has invited you, it’s always easy to have that kind of vacation mindset – what goes along for a ride? Grab the water bottle and hit the trail. But if the unexpected does happen, it is essential that you are able to take the situation into your own hands and get on and track your way out of the wild. So do your homework before venturing into the wild.
  3. Relying on technology. The modern technology is great, but it can also get us killed. There is a GPS on almost every phone now and different kinds of electronics that if in the wild, you can look through them and they take you back to the point from where you came in. Think also about it the other way: what if the batteries drop dead or the electronics drop in the water? That can tremendously hurt, and if care is not taken, some people in such situation might not make it out. So try to study a paper map and have it with you if possible.
  4. Learn how to use a compass and also learn how to read a map. It is important to go to a local community college, or a local hiking or backpacking clubs or organization and gets a little seminar or workshop just to get a basic understanding of how to use the gadgets can be a life saver for anyone.
  5. This last one is known as the do or die plan. This is having looked on google earth map, having had a framework. You need to determine before you go out there that, if you go west, there is a highway, if you go south, there is a river, and if you go downstream, there is always a fishing camp. You have to get your mind prepared before you leave home that if everything else fails, that you have a direction and a bearing that is going to walk you out of danger to safety. And you are sure you know how to find that bearing after learning how to use your map and compass. Sometimes the compass can break. So it is vital to know how to read from where the sun rises and where it sets. You have to learn how to read shadows. All of these things are part of what will help anyone to survive a do or die situation outdoors.


Before taking part in an outdoor activity such as hunting, camping, hiking, underwater diving and even bicycling, you have to make sure that you have the proper gears and that you have taken appropriate instruction classes on outdoors survival skills. Having binoculars or a spotting scope can also be a necessity when it comes to looking through an unfamiliar movement within the woods or around the field where you are located.

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