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Advanced Carbine Tactics DVD

Book Review: Advanced Carbine Tactics DVD

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Its exceptional accuracy, controllability, and wide array of accessories make the carbine an essential tool for modern warriors.

In this exclusive video from Paladin Press, WARTAC founder Rich Nance and WARTAC instructor Aaron Peachman teach combat techniques and tactics designed to help you deploy the carbine under real-world conditions.

In Advanced Carbine Tactics they first they reveal the mindset needed to master the fundamentals of marksmanship, proper weapon handling and shooting positions, malfunction clearing and reloads, and shooting in low-light situations.

Then step-by-step instruction in one- and two-man room entry and the use of cover provide you with the advanced tools needed to maximize the carbine’s advantages in a firefight.

Ultimately, the will to win and expert training in sound combat tactics are what help you prevail in any violent encounter. This video delivers both.

Rich Nance is a black belt martial artist, with over 25 years of experience. Nance has been a police officer for 13 years and a SWAT team member for six years. He is a firearms instructor, patrol rifle instructor, less-lethal munitions instructor and his department’s lead defensive tactics instructor. In 2004 Nance and David Hallford founded WARTAC CQC , a company specializing in tactical training for law enforcement and military personnel. Aaron Peachman has 20 years of experience in the martial arts. He has been a police officer for four years and is a member of his department’s SWAT team. Aaron is an instructor for WARTAC CQC.

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